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Everyone’s journey is different, so your dietitian works with you 1 on 1 to provide a personalized- individualized  plan.

 Diabetes affects the body’s ability to make or properly use insulin leading to  high blood glucose (sugar) in the blood. A registered dietitian nutritionist, or RDN, can help you learn how to get the nutrients you need to help you maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.

HFN diabetes nutritionists are registered dietitians with  years of experience, and education,  developing nutrition solutions for people with diabetes.

What is a diabetes  Dietitian-nutritionist?

Diabetes nutritionists work with people with diabetes to help reduce the negative  symptoms of pre-diabetes, type 1 or 2 diabetes.

What does a diabetes Dietitian-nutritionist do?

Help you better understand your current health challenges, diabetes symptoms, lifestyle and  mindset. Then, using a science-back  evidence based approach, your nutritionist helps you develop a personalized sustainable nutrition plan.

Often time, diabetes nutrition counseling includes:

  • Weight management
  • Developing a personalized nutrition plan to lose weight and  lower your risk of  other chronic disease.
  • Provide education on  healthy food choices and how to implement  physical activity.

Meet with your counselor weekly  to  discuss your progress and adjust your strategy moving forward. Our  dietitian- nutritionists aim to help you develop sustainable habits and the education you need.

What is the benefit of working with a diabetes Dietitian  nutritionist?

No matter the type of diabetes you’re dealing with, a registered dietitian can help you create a sustainable nutrition plan. Nutrition plan to work towards your short and long-term health goals such as:  reversing diabetes, Getting off your diabetes medication, or learning how to naturally manage your blood glucose levels are some of the many challenges you can learn to address with the help of an expert dietitian.

Will Insurance provide coverage?

Many insurance plans cover these services. Medicare Part B covers MNT for diabetes and kidney disease. We will also help you receive coverage using your private insurance plan so you will pay no co-pay and only zero cost.

An RDN can discuss a variety of nutrition approaches to help you manage diabetes. For example, healthy food choices,  carbohydrate counting,  and behavior strategies. One study found that three to six months after MNT, HbA1c was reduced. Plus, research shows that meeting regularly with an RDN helps manage weight, improves cholesterol levels, decreases the need for medicines and reduces risk for other diseases.

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Individuals and caregivers may receive free one-on-one phone and email consultations, counseling, and services  with a nutrition educator/registered Dietitian. If you’d like more information, please Click Here

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