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Finding the best renal, or kidney, nutritionist comes down to finding the best renal nutritionist for you. Before committing to  a renal nutritionist, consider the following points:

How do you know a renal nutritionist is a true expert?

Any dietitian  can call themselves a renal nutritionist, therefore, there are a few key signs you should look out for to ensure you are working with an expert in this field

One of the best ways to deduce whether or not an individual is qualified is to pay attention to their title and professional work experience . A Registered Dietitian (RD) (also called a registered dietitian-nutritionist [RDN])  with demonstrated years of work experience in dialysis clinic will have more experience and knowledge regarding nutritional kidney friendly diet and treatment.

What is a renal nutritionist?

Renal nutritionists are experts in diet and nutrition specifically for individuals who are suffering from kidney disease. Any individual who has been diagnosed with an acute kidney injury,  chronic kidney disease (also called CKD), kidney stones, or polycystic kidney disease can find tremendous benefit from consulting with a renal nutritionist. Those undergoing dialysis or a kidney transplant should be followed by a renal dietitian. As a key member of your care team, renal nutritionists coordinate with members of your support system and medical team to ensure that you are consistently on top of your health.

What does a renal nutritionist do?

Regardless of what type of kidney condition you’ve been diagnosed with, your dietitian will create a customized, specific plan of care to best support your kidney health.Your dietitian will take the time to learn more about your kidney diagnosis, your other medical conditions, your recent blood work, and what matters most to you. Your dietitian will help you to better understand how nutrition can impact your kidney health and will make a specific plan of care to not only ensure you’re getting everything your kidneys need but to make sure you understand every dietary adjustment. Your dietitian will help answer your nutrition questions and ensure that you feel confident in how you fuel your body to support your kidney health.

How to find a kidney/ CKD nutritionist near me?

Healing Favor Nutrition can help you find qualified renal Dietitian Nutritionist. Find out how you can receive free nutrition counseling by contacting Us.

Dietitian can help with:

What is Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)?

MNT is a key component of CKD education and management. MNT is defined as a nutrition-based treatment provided by a registered dietitian nutritionist. The Dietitian will provide a nutrition assessment, education, and counseling to help preserve and manage your CKD. The KDOQI 2020 guidelines recommend MNT for people with CKD 1-5 non-dialysis. 

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