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Healing Favor Nutrition Inc., is a non-profit organization managed by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Executive directors and Volunteers.  Facilitating a variety of educational and  nutrition therapy  services  to enhance  the wellbeing  of the underserved and underrepresented population in our communities.  With a focus on evidence based nutrition science, our organization strives to help individuals, health care providers, and companies maximize effectiveness of preventive nutrition  services. Giving to Healing Favor Nutrition Inc, is a great way to make a positive difference in your community.  Together, we commit to providing nutrition resources to children, families and people who need it the most.

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Responsibilities of Our Network Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

  • The dietitian will promote healthy eating habits to assist in slowing the progression of chronic health conditions through nutritional modification recommendations and education.
  • Provide expert explanations for general health and nutrition issues and advise individuals on healthy eating habits
  • Utilize the Nutritional Care Process to evaluate the nutritional needs of members in accordance with their preferences, personal goals, health, and financial capabilities to provide effective individualized care
  • Collaborate with Care Navigators to engage members with self-management plans through education and support on healthy eating habits to improve nutritional status while enhancing well-being
  • Collaborate with outside agencies to ensure continuity of care
  • Identify and work through barriers to facilitate lifestyle changes while monitoring member’s progress and performing thorough follow-ups
  • Cultural awareness and knowledge to motivate members and others